Wealthy Affiliate Platform FAQ’s – WA AFFILIATE PROGRAM

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Wealthy Affiliate Platform FAQ’s – WA AFFILIATE PROGRAM


FAQ’s = Frequently Asked Questions

‘Wealthy Affiliate’ aka (also known as)

‘WA’ & ‘Wealthy Affiliate University’ – the terms are used interchangeably.

Questions you may have about Wealthy Affiliates’

Own Affiliate Program are answered below


Scroll down or use these quick links to your question

What is the ‘Wealthy Affiliate Program’?

This is ‘WA’s Own Affiliate Program’ where members can earn revenue by referring people to Wealthy Affiliate.

How do I Become an Affiliate for ‘WA’s Own Affiliate Program’?

ALL Wealthy Affiliate Members (Starters & Premium) automatically are affiliates for ‘WA’s Own Affiliate Program’.

Do I Have To promote Wealthy Affiliate?

No – it’s up to you.

How Much Can I Earn with the ‘Wealthy Affiliate Program’?

Starter Members
Commissions You Earn for Each Person You Personally Refer to Wealthy Affiliate as a:

Monthly Premium Member:
$4 for the first month for the $19 special offer
$11.75 for every month they are a $49 per month Premium Monthly Member

Premium Yearly:
$117.50 for every year they are a $495 per year Premium Yearly Member


Premium Members – earn 100% more
Commissions You Earn for Each Person You Personally Refer to Wealthy Affiliate as a:

Monthly Premium Member:
$8 for the first month for the $19 special offer
$23.50 for every month they are a $49 per month Premium Monthly Member

Premium Yearly:
$235 for every year they are a $495 per year Premium Yearly Member

Premium Members also earn a $1 credit (commission) for every referral who adds a profile picture and writes up a description.

When Do I Get Paid My Wealthy Affiliate Commissions?

WA pays on the first of every month what you are owed if it meets your payment threshold.

If it doesn’t meet your ‘Payment Threshold’ it will be held by WA until it does meet your ‘Payment Threshold’.

What is a

‘Payment Threshold’?

‘Payment Threshold’ is the minimum amount you set before Wealthy Affiliate pays you what you are owed.

The minimum ‘Payment Threshold’ you can set is $10.00.

How Do I Get Paid My Wealthy Affiliate Commissions?

Payments of commissions earned by referring others to Wealthy Affiliate are paid out via Paypal.

Paypal will notify you when they receive a payment made to you.

Where Do I set my ‘Payment Threshold’ & Paypal Account?

From the ‘Wealthy Affiliate Program’ dashboard go to ‘Stats’ > ‘Payment Settings’

How Do I Keep Track of My Referrals?

You have a whole dashboard to keep track of & manage your referrals, plus tools for promoting & tracking promotional campaigns.

The landing page for the ‘Wealthy Affiliate Program’ dashboard

‘My tasks’ enables you to track communication with your referrals

Overview is the Stats landing page with the under-mentioned sections

  • Detailed Stats:
    Comprehensive analytics in chart & table formats of where your prospects & referrals are finding you, New Sales, Resubscriptions, etc…


  • My Revenue:
    Detailed listings of all your commissions earned at Wealthy Affiliate & payout history.


  • Entrance Points
    Comparison analytics for referral entrance points & campaigns



  • Payment Settings:
    Where you set your ‘Payment Threshold’ & Paypal Account so WA can pay you any commissions you have earned.

Listing of all the people you have referred to WA


Where you can create message campaigns & see at a glance referral stats for that campaign


Takes you to the ‘WA Affiliate Bootcamp’



  • Affiliate Links:
    A listing of Your WA Affiliate Links.


  • Comparison Tables:
    Where you can create comparison tables with other products/services.


  • SiteRubix:
    Plugin enabling you to create code to place on your website so your visitors will see the SiteRubix plugin that will allow them to choose a SiteRubix domain to build their free website.



  • PPC Tracking:
    Where you can manage conversion tracking for Pay-per click networks: Bing, Facebook & Google Adwords.

A variety of banners you can use to promote Wealthy Affiliate


What Tools are available to Promote Wealthy Affiliate?

What is an Affiliate Link & How Does it Work?

An ‘Affiliate Link’ is a website url (address) with a unique code to you.
For example this is one of my affiliate links for Wealthy Affiliate:
The last part ?a_aid=f93f7a44 is my unique code

Visitors who click on your affiliate link will be directed to the offer you are promoting on the suppliers website. Should your visitor make a purchase through your link the supplier will know from the code that the commission is due to you.



Clicking an affiliate link creates a ‘cookie’ on the persons’ device, meaning the affiliate link is saved on the persons’ device.

‘Cookies’ are saved to the Web Browser used

The supplier of the affiliate link reads that ‘cookie’ to identify who is due the commission

‘Cookies’ remain on the persons’ device until:
That ‘cookie’ is overwritten if the person clicks on a different affiliate link to the same offer
Or the person deletes cookies from their device
Or the cookie has expired

Other reasons your ‘cookie’ would not apply:
The person uses another device, replaces the device they originally used
The person uses another web browser to the one they were cookied


WA affiliate links are ‘Lifetime Cookies’:
Meaning if someone goes through your affiliate link to WA, doesn’t sign up or purchase a membership, doesn’t visit WA through someone else’s affiliate link after yours and even a year later revisits WA from that same device where the cookie is saved your affiliate link gets the referral. In other words the referral is due to the most recent clicked affiliate link.


Is there any Training to Promote Wealthy Affiliate?

Yes – the ‘WA Affiliate Bootcamp’ course

What is a

‘Super Affiliate’?

A ‘Super Affiliate’ is a member who refers 300 or more people to Wealthy Affiliate who become premium members in the calendar year.

What is the

‘Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference’?

An all-paid private conference for all qualified ‘Super Affiliates’ + their partners, with the founders Kyle and Carson.

A 4 day conference in Las Vegas, held once a year in January/February following the qualifying year.

What happens at the

‘Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference’?

During the day Super Affiliates with the WA founders share business ideas, discuss what is happening ‘behind the WA scenes’ & how WA can improve for all its members.

At night it’s more social fun at exceptional venues with entertainment & banquets.

Friendships are made.

Have any thoughts or questions? Feel free to ask them below and chime in any discussion.

To your abundance & dream laptop lifestyle!  ?

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