Oh what a delight to come across a non ‘hypie’, non ‘shiny object syndrome’, non ‘get rich quick mentality’ platform. But a platform that is a treasure trove of valuable practical information & tools. It’s absolutely FREE to get started – No credit card required. Actually you can remain a free member forever more, however long you want to.

I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone serious about building a solid, sustainable online business. Ideal for creating your Laptop Lifestyle!

So let’s dig into the Who, What, Why of Wealthy Affiliate…

What is Wealthy Affiliate & Why might I need it?

In a nutshell it’s absolutely everything you need to start, create, and grow a successful online business of your choice. Regardless of your level of experience, from a total newbie with zero knowledge to a seasoned online marketer, WA (Wealthy Affiliate) can help you. Bonus – no coding knowledge required!

It is …

  • an interactive online business mastermind community
  • a support system
  • a business & marketing training university
  • a website creator
  • a hosting platform

Learn, Apply & Earn. No more frustrations for the new online business owner of finding that elusive step by step guidance.

It’s summarised in a 4 step process:

WA 4 Step Process

Each process is achieved through the easy to follow step by step trainings.
You’ll be able to identify your passion(s) and interests and turn them into an online income generating asset.

You can learn how to do all of this with your Free Starter Membership

Who is it for?

Anyone and Everyone with a desire to achieve online success, even if you have no idea of what it is you want to achieve online, you will be inspired & discover what is right for you. The online world does not discriminate.

Some examples of members’ reasons for joining and benefitting right now:

  • Needing an additional income to make ends meet
  • So they can fire their boss
  • To be their own boss
  • To create their own employment as unable to get work elsewhere
  • To be able to travel more
  • To create or boost their retirement plan
  • To finance their education / hobby / passions / philanthropy
  • To be able to afford to have more time freedom
  • To have more choices in life
  • To learn how to turn their hobby / knowledge / passion into an additional income
  • To improve their current website / business
  • To learn how to be a professional internet marketer
  • To learn how to build & manage wordpress websites

… with over 100 000 members there are far too many to list. What’s your reason?

WA is available to all globally, however all training is in English. So an understanding of English to learn is needed, but then you can apply it in whatever language you wish.

What do I need?

  • An internet connection
  • A PC / Laptop
    Whilst some things can be done on smaller devices that hook up to the internet ultimately a PC or Laptop will be of greater benefit.
  • Time
    Time to learn, time to apply your learning. Whatever time fits in with your current schedule.
  • An understanding of English to learn

What will I learn?

Everything you need to start, create, and grow a successful online business of your choice. Even if you feel you’re a techie dinosaur. Let’s take a look …

The Certification Course and Affiliate Bootcamp consist of several levels (detailed below) which you work through at your own pace, whenever you want. They’re available 24/7.

Each level has 10 Step by Step modules delivered online via Video & Written material with tasks to accomplish. Should you have any questions you can ask them right there in the module. You can really see your business taking shape and growing as you complete each module.

Certification Course
Level 1 – Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started
Level 2 – Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website
Level 3 – Online Entrepreneur Certification – Making Money!
Level 4 – Online Entrepreneur Certification – Mastering Social Engagement
Level 5 – The Business of Content – Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

WA Affiliate Bootcamp
Phase 1 – Starting Your Foundation
Phase 2 – Content, Keywords and Conversions
Phase 3 – Giving Your Site Social Value
Phase 4 – Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand Through Media
Phase 5 – Knowing Your Audiences & Catapulting Your Referrals
Phase 6 – Bing, Yahoo, & The Power of PPC
Phase 7 – How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns

Did some of those titles sound like a foreign language?

They did to me, but no worries as the lessons sort that out.

Ok so that’s a lot of valuable intel just in the Certification Course and Affiliate Bootcamp, but wait there’s more…

We have Classrooms… 13 of them…

Each classroom is already full of valuable content and is ever-growing with the latest trends.
They each have:

  • Additional Video & Written tutorials
  • A live and archived Q&A section

1.   Getting Started
2.   WA Affiliate Program
3.   Keyword, Niche and Market Research
4.   Everything WordPress
5.   Authoring & Writing Content
6.   Search Engine Optimization
7.   Social Engagement & Marketing
8.   Website Development & Programming
9.   Local Marketing
10. Video Marketing
11. Email Marketing
12. The Wealthy Affiliate Platform
13. Pay Per Click Marketing

Hold on there’s more…

Weekly Live Training

You can tune in every Friday to the Weekly Live Training Webinar which lasts about an hour with a live Q&A at the end. Or if you can’t make it, or want to view it again you can grab the replay. They’re all archived for us to watch whenever we need to or want to.

Each week is a different relevant topic to do with our online business, including case studies. Helping us increase our knowledge & stay informed with current trends. Keeping up with current trends is very important for any online or offline business.

What support is there?

A huge helpful network of like-minded people, from those just starting out to those running successful online businesses, that you can easily interact with 24/7 including Kyle & Carson the founders of WA via…

  • Live Chat
  • Posts & Comments
  • Private Messaging
  • Plus a dedicated technical support team for our websites

There is no stupid question in the WA community. Everyone understands that everyone has a different level of experience. You are highly encouraged to ask your questions, should you have any, to get them answered so you can move forward & not left hanging in the dark.

Starting a new business online or offline can be a daunting process and feel like a lonely journey but it doesn’t have to be. The WA community is like having your own mastermind group. Not only can you have your questions answered, but you can ask for feedback on your sites / blog / posts / …anything really, brainstorm ideas. You’ll receive tips, guidance and encouragement. This type of support is priceless. You’ll make new friends!

What tools are included?

You’ll have access to everything you need to create your online business within your membership area. So you can put your training into action straight away and watch your business take shape and grow. I love the fact that it’s all under one roof and that I can create many websites at no additional cost.

  • Website Builder
  • Thousands of themes / templates to choose from
  • Thousands of additional ‘features’ available to personalise your website
  • Optimised & Secure Cloud Hosting
  • Keyword & Competition Research Tool
  • Link tracking & cloaking

What levels of membership are there?

There are only 2 – nice and simple!

  • Starter Member: $0
  • Premium Member: $49 per month or save more with the $495 yearly subscription which works out to only $41.25 per month – $93 off (basically a 2 month discount).  Yearly Premium Members also get a Free .com Domain ($14 value) + 100 Community Credits

What do I get as a Free member?

A Starter Membership really is Free for as long as you want it – you get…

  • 1 sub-domain Websites with Hosting
  • Access to the Keyword Research Tool for 30 searches
  • Access to the Level 1 Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started course.
    By the end of these 10 lessons you will have found your passion/topic, built your website, set the foundations for attracting visitors & earning.

WA Level 1 Lessons

  • Access to Phase 1 of the WA Affiliate Bootcamp – Starting Your Foundation.
    10 lessons that complement your learning of the Getting Started course above but with a ‘predefined’ topic that you can build as a business.

Lessons included:

WA Phase 1 Affiliate Bootcamp

  • Access to 2 of the 13 Training Classrooms
    Giving you additional Video & Written tutorials with live and archived Q&A section.

Access to 2 of 13 Training Classrooms

  • Plus for your first 7 days you have access to the Premium Live Support & 1-on-1 coaching.

All this for zero $. Why? Simply because with so many undesirable programmes out there, WA want to give you the opportunity to build your online business on the right ethical footing with a strong foundation. I have found this Free Starter Membership alone delivers more than many other programmes out there charging $97 or more.

What you get at a glance:

What are the Pros & Cons?


  • Free Starter Membership
  • Low Premium price point
  • Newbie friendly
  • For all levels of experience
  • Simple step by step training
  • Video & written tutorials & courses
  • Covers all aspects of building an online business of your choice
  • Useful tools
  • 24/7 access
  • 24/7 helpful community
  • 24/7 live chat
  • Multiple Website builder
  • Multiple Website hosting
  • Earn whilst you learn
  • Spam Free environment


  • New starters may feel overwhelmed to begin with due to the amount of information and inspirational ideas.

Conclusion & Bonus

If like me you are tired of signing up for courses or programmes that offer the world but under deliver then this could very well be your solution.

I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone serious about building a solid, sustainable online business. This is NOT just another course,

It is …

  • an interactive online business mastermind community
  • a support system
  • a business & marketing training university
  • a website creator
  • a hosting platform

Ideal for creating your Laptop Lifestyle!

Remember you do not need a credit card to register to make use of your Free Starter Membership.
You have nothing to lose by signing up for your Free Starter Membership.

My advice, test drive it and decide for yourself.
Remain a Starter Member for however long is right for you.

However, should you decide you love what you’re experiencing and itching to get your hands on the Premium Membership so as not to lose the special premium privileges of your first 7 days and take full advantage of everything in WA, I have a Bonus waiting for you inside.

You’ll also have access to me inside WA for any assistance you may need!
I look forward to connecting with you on the inside!

Got any other questions? Feel free to ask them below and chime in any discussion.

To your abundance & dream laptop lifestyle!  🙂