About Me


Hi! I’m Brigitte Belsky, thanks for dropping by…

… and Welcome to my online home!


Ok!  So I have a passion…  I have a passion to help people improve their financial situation & what better way than by creating a Laptop Lifestyle!  This is what my online home is all about, enjoy!


A little about me…

I love the fact that technology and the internet has advanced so much. It’s been so simplified making it easier and easier for non techie people to take advantage of its playground.


I remember in the early days when computers started to become more readily available to the average home it was exciting but at the same time scaaary.


All those do’s & dont’s! Too scared to not follow instruction to the letter in case it wiped your hard drive or totally crashed the pc. Those black screens with white or green writing that needed special coded instruction to do anything… so most just played games on it or used it as an advanced typewriter, but even that was a trial.


Ooh! & then the internet came about but still pretty confusing. I was always in awe of those who could do so much more, who appeared to take to coding so easily. I just couldn’t.


Happier days when the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) technology came out. As that evolved, that’s when I started to use it more especially the Microsoft Office Suite. After all I had to use it for work and most of it was self-taught. I was so enthralled by this that I qualified to teach adults on how to use computers and software, even though it wasn’t my career path.


TeacherExcel became my love, I suppose because I used it so much in my accounting career in the corporate world. (A profession I sort of fell into as my childhood ambition was to be a teacher, but circumstances at the time closed the door on that one). I produced many bespoke spreadsheets to simplify processes & trained staff accordingly that I became known as the ‘Excel Queen’, ha ha!


To me coding is still a foreign language, too complicated, can’t be bothered, does my head in so I avoid it like the plague if I can. Sometimes though a little copy & paste HTML code to tweak something comes in handy though.  However we are so fortunate today with the abundance of software that enables us to do so many things so easily without that dreaded coding. Just seeing my beautiful young grandchildren create & do so many things with no real understanding reinforces that.


Along the way I was also introduced to the fabulous world of ‘self-development’. My first encounter was at a seminar with Jim Rohn, such an eye opener. I remember back then someone asking me whether the glass was half full or half empty – I thought they were nuts, I had no idea what they were talking about. Amongst many things that I have learned, I suppose the main one is to be open minded, all is possible and that there are 3 sides to every story.  And I love this quote by Zig Ziglar


Help Enough People


The world has shifted!

With the worldwide economic crisis of recent years that has affected & is still affecting so many, I started digging more into this intriguing ‘Laptop Lifestyle’


It means different things to different people, and can be created & take shape in so many ways. Ultimately it enables anyone to create a solution to their financial dilemmas & live life on their terms, regardless of experience or techie knowledge.


I believe that everyone should be able to live life on their terms

and the majority want to do so morally & ethically.


Through countless conversations and reading people’s comments in various forums it’s clear to see the want is there. However many are confused, frustrated as to how to start & accomplish that, due to the information overload on the internet. Getting sucked into various misleading promises by so called self-proclaimed Gurus, Experts or programmes – such as ‘This is the secret…’, ‘Join us & We’ll do the work for you …’, ‘Make $xx xxx in the next x days, set it and forget it…’, … there are so many…- only to find once on the inside it’s a different story, the criteria is not as they originally described, the information still leaves you with ‘what do I do now?’or there is an upsell after upsell … They create so much ‘noise’ with their underhanded marketing it’s no wonder so many people fall victim, feel scepticism, despondency, confusion and frustration.


I say enough is enough! This ‘noise’ needs to be drowned out.


So what can we trust?   We can trust ourselves, our gut instincts. We can be true to ourselves and our followers. Fortunately there are gems out there to help us with that, nothing is perfect but there are really good ones. The ones that you can resonate with are the good ones. I have spent so much time (& money) looking into so many different online offerings over the years that I hope to save you time, money and frustration. The bottom line is there is no ‘get rich quick’ unless you win the lottery or are fortunate enough to receive a fruitful inheritance. The fundamentals of creating an online business are no different to those offline. However the possibilities & growth of an online business is more achievable for the average person with little or no experience or capital.


Within my online world I will share with you my findings of ethical free or low cost ways, tutorials & strategies for you to create your successful laptop lifestyle.


My mission is to empower you to upturn your economic situation in order to live life on your terms. By helping you to create your successful laptop lifestyle doing what you love to do and feeling good about how you’re doing it.


Would that help you?

Sorry I can’t do it for you, no one can. But if you want to do it for yourself, looking for support and encouragement & can relate to what I’m sharing I look forward to meeting you. So feel free to contact me and chime in any discussion.


Where to begin?  Start here Laptop Lifestyle – is it for you? >> or jump over to the Welcome page >>, browse through the lastest posts and take your pick!


To your abundance & dream laptop lifestyle!