Laptop Lifestyle – Is it for you?

Why is the Laptop Lifestyle so Popular?

Thousands upon thousands of people are turning to the Laptop Lifestyle, simply because it makes so much sense as a solution to their personal circumstances. The main reason being finding the solution to their financial dilemmas & living life on their terms. The world is shifting. Recent years have shown that what once could be relied on is no longer the case. Technology has evolved, simplified and is accessible to most now.


So what is the Laptop Lifestyle?


It allows an average person
to create a business and
prosper from their business
around their dream lifestyle
from wherever they want
when they want and
how they want!


Who is it for?

Anyone and Everyone with:

  • a desire to create freedom and more choices in their lives
  • a willingness to put their learning into action


So what does it take to create the Laptop Lifestyle?

With the right know how this can be achieved with minimal costs and simple ‘at your fingertips’ technology. It allows you to start small, evolve and grow at whatever speed and level you want. The only limits are those you set on yourself.


‘The world is your oyster’. The world is online 24/7! However it does not mean you have to be online 24/7. WantThe world is your oyster more… sun… sea… mountains… snow…? …Time with the family? …Pursuing other interests? Well, go where you want. There are no geographical boundaries. With your laptop business you can operate from anywhere you have an internet connection. You may not even need one regularly if you’ve set your business on autopilot.


There are many ways that your Laptop Business can be structured.


Here are some tips for quicker success:

  • What are you passionate about?
  • What gets you excited to get out of bed?
  • What do you love doing whether you got paid or not?
  • Design your business and how you deliver it around your passion.
  • Design your business with your current end vision in mind.
  • Offer value.
  • Brand yourself or your niche.
  • Leverage.
  • Automate.
  • KISS – Keep It Silly Simple.
  • Be consistent.


Why ‘design your business around your passion’ over ‘something you know how to do’?

There are many reasons, but mainly if you’re passionate about it you’re more likely to start, be consistent, be in it for the long haul and achieve success. Your passion will also attract followers, who in turn will be your customers.


Why do I say ‘your current end vision’?

Well we don’t know what we don’t know, & we can’t wait to find out what we don’t know. You will find that as you take your journey and apply the knowledge you acquire your confidence will grow and your creativity will kick in. New thoughts and ideas will inspire you. You will evolve and grow and so will your vision.


‘Offer value’? What do you mean?

AHA! Got It!Don’t just spam your business, your followers may just run a mile. Give lots of solution based positive tips, share your knowledge. This will inspire and attract a following that trust you. People want & love solutions for their issues and desires. You’ll be amazed at how much valuable information you have that will help others!


Why ‘brand yourself or your niche’ over ‘branding you as the company you represent’?

Consider any company you partner with as part of your inventory of solutions for your followers (even if it’s just one). As your vision for your business expands or needs to turn direction it’ll be an easier transition.


For example:
Say you branded yourself as ABC company and for whatever reason you decide to part ways with that company or that company goes under/ gets a bad reputation (Yes it happens!). Now what do you do? How do you explain it? What happens to the trust you’ve devoted your time and energy in building with your followers? What happens to your business?


However, say you love ABC company, what does it represent? Brand yourself or your niche as to what it represents. Should you part ways you can easily find other companies to provide the solutions for your followers without raising too much of an eyebrow!



Leverage & automate as much as you can. It’s called working SMART. Why work harder than you need to? After all you want to be living your ‘dream laptop lifestyle’ not be glued to your laptop. Even if you feel you are a ‘techie dinosaur’ there are many user-friendly technologies and blueprint strategies that you can implement to free up your time and maximise your business. You may initially have to invest your time in learning them but once learnt they’re a skill set you have for life. Once applied they’ll be like your online elves that work for you 24-7!



Keep It Silly Simple. The more you can keep everything as simple as possible the more you are likely to take action and be consistent. The more things are simple for your followers to follow you and take action, the quicker your business will grow.


Be Consistent?

Consistency is the key to success! Consistency builds momentum which snowballs. It builds trust in your followers & trust = sales, which = profits, which = ‘Your Dream Laptop Lifestyle!’

A ‘Win Win’ for your customers and yourself.


Is the Laptop Lifestyle for you?Laptop Lifestyle
Don’t know where to start?
You have the desire but little to no experience?
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