Wealthy Affiliate Platform FAQ’s – SUPPORT, COMMUNITY & RULES

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Wealthy Affiliate Platform FAQ’s –



FAQ’s = Frequently Asked Questions

‘Wealthy Affiliate’ aka (also known as)

‘WA’ & ‘Wealthy Affiliate University’ – the terms are used interchangeably.

Questions you may have on Wealthy Affiliates’ 

Support, Community & Rules are answered below


Scroll down or use these quick links to your question

Where Can I Get Help/Support on Wealthy Affiliate?

You can get 24/7/365 help through:

Site Support:  Technical Support for your websites through internal message system

Search Bar:  Archived Q&A database
Live Chat:A real time community help & discussion medium

Ask a Question: Get answers from the communityAccessible at the end of the ‘Search Bar’ results or through the ‘Help Centre’ menu 

Join the Discussion: At the end of any training page or blog post there is a ‘Join the Discussion’ comment section where you can also ask your question & get answers from the community

Private Message (PM):Premium members can communicate with each other in private

What is the Wealthy Affiliate Community?

    • The Wealthy Affiliate Community is made up of all WA members including the founders Kyle & Carson


    • A 24/7 very caring, helpful & active international community from diverse backgrounds and experience.

    How many Wealthy Affiliate Members are there?


    There are over 800,000 Members from 195 Countries


    What are the WA Community Benefits for Me?

    • getting Help when you need it
    • access to an Abundance of Teachers
    • create Powerful Business Relationships
    • create Your Own Network within the WA Community
    • offering each other Insights
    • offering each other Inspiration
    • offering each other Support
    • offering each other Motivation

    How can I interact with the WA Community?

    Members can communicate/ interact with one another in various ways on the WA platform:

    For General interaction:
    WA Blog, Your Posting – Write a blog post on the WA platform, get thoughts, comments or questions from the community

    WA Blog, Member Posting – give your thoughts, comments, ask a question or answer a question on an another members WA blog post

    Training Page – At the end of any training page there is a ‘Join the Discussion’ comment section where you can give your thoughts, comments, ask a question or answer a question

    Ask a Question – specifically for asking your questions & getting answers from the community

    “Like” other member’s posts, training, questions and comments… a way of saying “I read / like / appreciate your post, training, question and/or comment”


    For Live interaction:
    Live Chat – jump into the chatroom for real time help & discussion


    For 1 on 1 interaction:
    Private Message (PM) – You can communicate with other members 1 on 1 in private

    Profile Page – You can place a message on another members’ profile page which can only be seen by those visiting that members’ profile page

    What are the Rules when Interacting with the WA Community & Using the WA Platform?

    In order to keep the WA Community safe & have a friendly WA Platform environment, some rules are in place.

    They are mainly around “Spam is a NO NO”. To view the WA Rules click here

    What is Create Your Own Network within the WA Community?

    Members can follow each other and receive notification when they share something on the WA Platform.

    What is Ambassadorship / Ranking on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform?

    The Ambassador program is a ranking system of the ‘pay-it-forward’ & ‘helping others’ Wealthy Affiliate Community.

    All members are ranked based on their ‘INTERACTION’ on the WA Platform. It DOES NOT indicate how successful a member is.

    The algorithm used for ranking looks at 3 different areas:

    1. Helper – How much you help and how timely it is within the community
    2. Creator – Do you blog, do you create discussions, do you create training
    3. Activity – How active are you within the community, do you leave comments, do you interact with new members


    Overall Member Rank is based on a combination of the above & does fluctuate.

    You can keep track of your ranking & view the current top 200 members leaderboard on your ‘My Ranking & Statistics’ page

    Have any thoughts or questions? Feel free to ask them below and chime in any discussion.

    To your abundance & dream laptop lifestyle!  ?

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