Wealthy Affiliate Platform FAQ’s – ABOUT

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Wealthy Affiliate Platform FAQ’s – ABOUT


FAQ’s = Frequently Asked Questions

‘Wealthy Affiliate’ aka (also known as)

‘WA’ & ‘Wealthy Affiliate University’ – the terms are used interchangeably.

Questions you may have

about Wealthy Affiliate are answered below


Wealthy Affiliate Bio

Founded in 2005

Wealthy Affiliate and Wealthy Affiliate University are trading names for Niche Marketing Inc.

As at 20th May 2019 they have an A+ rating on BBB without getting accredited (paying them money) for this rating, which is rare.


Kyle Loudoun – Vice President, Marketing Chief & Co-Founder
Carson Lim – President, Design Chief & Co-Founder
– both from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


Senior Team:
KC – Programming Chief
Aaron – Technology Chief
Jay – Training Chief

Alongside the senior team, there are over 20 full time SUPERSTARS that actively work on the various projects and roles to bring the collective ideas to life.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

    • An online platform designed for Internet Entrepreneurs of All Levels with a focus on Affiliate Marketing
    • A Community – an Open Education Project (OEP) in the internet business niche, meaning a supportive community sharing, engaging, contributing, interacting, creating, and networking as a group.
    • A Training Centre – an extensive range of step-by-step training, tutorials, classes and coaching
    • A WordPress Website Builder & Hosting provider with integrated tools for website analysis, management, ranking and security.
    • A Domain Registrar 
    • An Affiliate Program
    • An online subscription based platform for premium access

    What is Wealthy Affiliate’s Mission?


    To help people succeed online!

    By providing legitimate & ethical training, guidance and tools in a safe environment.


    What is Wealthy Affiliate’s History?

    Wealthy Affiliate started out offering valuable keyword lists.

    Today offering training & tools to build a successful online business.

    Driven by Kyle & Carson’s passion to helping people & listening to their members.

    Take a look at the historical milestones from 2002 in my post The Evolution Of Wealthy Affiliate

    Have any thoughts or questions? Feel free to ask them below and chime in any discussion.

    To your abundance & dream laptop lifestyle!  ?

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