Choosing a Domain Name for Your Website

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Choosing a domain name for your website is EXCITING.

It’s part of your address to lead anyone to your digital space – Your Website!


At the same time it can feel daunting & overwhelming.

  • What is the best name to use?
  • So many thoughts, so many ideas?
  • What will people think?
  • Does it make sense?


It’s an important part of your online business.

You’ve got to love it as it will be your websites’ long term brand & you will be known by it.


The domain name is made up of the name you choose, a dot and a domain extension
For example ‘’, ‘’, ‘’

Domain names are all in lower case with no spaces. Although when you read an article or see an advert the domain name may appear with uppercase letters, this is simply to make it easier for the reader. For example: ‘’ is capitalised within some article but the address in the browser shows up as ‘’

Domain names can have hyphens &/or numbers, however these are not recommended. People generally would not remember if there were any hyphens or indeed where they are placed. An example of a hyphenated domain name would be ‘’. With numbers they wouldn’t remember if they were spelt out or numerical, eg: ‘’ / ‘’.

Nowadays there are 100’s of domain extensions to choose from, the most familiar ones being ‘.com’, ‘.org’, or ‘.net’.

Other examples include country specific such as ‘.us’, ‘.uk’, ‘.fr’; more recently generic ones such as ‘.guru’, ‘.travel’, ‘.reviews’.

Dot com is still highly recommended as your first option, then dot org or dot net.

There are a couple of approaches you can take when choosing your domain name for your website

  1. Keyword specific
  2. Brandable

Back in the day keyword specific domain names was the way to go to get ranked high by search engines.  Search Engines got wise to this & found far too many of these websites were low on content value, so now it is no longer the case.  There is no advantage to having a keyword specific domain name over a brandable domain name.  The bottom line is search engines will associate your domain name with the keywords used in the content of your website.


1) Keyword specific

Keyword specific is when your domain is the exact keyword term you are targeting, eg:







2) Brandable

Brandable can be anything, such as anyone of these or a combination of them:

– your name

– your interest

– made up words

– can also include keywords


Some well-known examples:









other examples (some fictional but given for their style):




So it’s up to you how you name your domain.
There is no hard & fast rule, just things to take into consideration.


Simple and the shorter the better. Keeping your domain name simple and short is easier for your audience to remember, also preferably something that rolls off the tongue easily.

Something to watch out for when choosing a domain name for your website…


Choosing a domain name that later you look at & realise it has another interpretation, one that is not appropriate can be devastating.

When you take into consideration the under-mentioned points, it’s easy to see how a domain name can unintentionally have a double meaning.

– Firstly domain names are all in lowercase with no spaces

– Secondly different people can see different things when looking at the same thing


To avoid choosing a domain name that could unintentionally be inappropriate don’t register it straight away.  Walk away from it, then come back and look at it with a clear mind & fresh eyes.  Ask those around you to tell you what they see, get feedback.

Sometimes it’s inevitable when using a particular domain extension; it can add a whole new meaning.  Also it’s unfortunate that some family names, foreign names/words or a word that describes what you do have within them hidden words.  In this case you need to weigh up how it will affect your business and if it’s worth going ahead with.

To see what I mean take a look at some domain names chosen intentionally or unintentionally for their double meaning in English.  Some will give you a chuckle others may make your stomach turn.

What do you see at first?

Domain NameIt's IntentionIt's Unintention
1hourscrap.comRapid scrapbook making1 Hours Crap
alterscrap.comAlter ScrapAlters Crap
americanscrapmetal.comAmerican Scrap MetalAmericans Crap Metal
analemma.orgAnalemmaAnal Emma
auctionshit.comAuctions HitAuction Shit
bendover.comBen DoverBend Over
bitefartcafe.rsBitef Art CaféBite Fart Café
blackhatebook.comBlack Hat eBookBlack Hate Book Cook IslandBudget Cock's WearChildren Swear
crapparchitects.comCrapp ArchitectsCrap Architects Storage SystemsCum Store
dicksonweb.comDickson WebDicks on Web
dollarsexchange.comDollars ExchangeDollar Sex Change
effoff.comEffective Office EnvironmentsEff Off
expertsexchange.comExperts ExchangeExpert Sex Change
ferrethandjobs.comFerreth and JobsFerret Hand Jobs
hardyswines.comHardys WinesHardy Swines
ihavegas.comIHA Vegas Holiday RentalsI Have Gas
itscrap.comIT ScrapIt's Crap
kidsexchange.netKids ExchangeKid Sex Change
ladrape.comLa DrapeLad Rape
lesbocages.comLes BocagesLesbo Cages
molestationnursery.comMole Station NurseryMolestation Nursery
mp3shit.comMp3s HitMp3 Shit
oddsextractor.comOdds ExtractorOdd Sex Tractor
penisland.netPen IslandPenis Land
potsofart.comPosts of ArtPot So Fart
powergenitalia.comPowergen ItaliaPower Genitalia
speedofart.comSpeed of ArtSpeedo Fart*Swiss BitSwiss Bitch
teacherstalking.orgTeachers TalkingTeacher Stalking
thenewstalkers.comThe News TalkersThe New Stalkers
therapist.comTherapistThe Rapist
therapsitfinder.comTherapist FinderThe Rapist Finder
ultimatesteelerection.comConstruction CompanyUltimate Steel Erection
viagrafix.comVia GrafixViagra Fix
whorepresents.comWho RepresentsWhore Presents
wintersexexpress.comWinters ExpressWinter Sex Press

Of course once you go to the website you generally get the intention.

What’s that expression? “First impressions …”

Not all the above domain names are active today but they were at some point & some are redirected to a new domain name.

In the main we’re told not to take too much time choosing our domain name, however it’s worth checking that it doesn’t contain an unintentional double meaning that could harm your business.

What have you seen?
Have you seen a domain name that should be on this list? Let us know in the comments below.

In Summary for Choosing a Domain Name for Your Website

There is no hard & fast rule, just things to take into consideration

  • Choose a name that you love & can see yourself working with for the long term
  • Hyphens &/or numbers are not recommended
  • Simple, short & rolls off the tongue easily
  • Dot com is still highly recommended as your first option, then dot org or dot net
  • Keyword specific domain names no longer have an advantage
  • Does your domain name have an unintentional double meaning?

Have any thoughts or questions? Feel free to ask them below and chime in any discussion.

To your abundance & dream laptop lifestyle!  ?