GrooveSell Review

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GrooveSell Review

Is This a Better Marketing Tool Option?

Could GrooveSell save you $1,000s per year? Could GrooveSell give you more flexibility & power to increase your sales? In this GrooveSell Review we will explore what it is, what it can do for you, who it is for & how it can save you $1,000s.

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What is GrooveSell for?


If you’ve ever wanted to or use an automated funnel system to market your digital products

If you’ve ever wanted to run & manage your own affiliate programs for your digital products

If you’ve ever wanted to have affiliates promote your digital products


Who is behind GrooveSell?


Groove Digital Inc. a software development company based in Florida US, who provide platforms and services to help online marketers.


Co-founded by:

Mike Filsaime – CEO – marketing legend

John Cornetta – President – e-commerce and traffic generation expert

Matt Serralta – COO – experience in executive-level management

Matt Naus – CTO – experience in building software products & working on large software projects


Their current focus is on creating the most powerful, affordable and simple to use all-in-one software service that you can use to build, grow and manage your online business. This will be their flagship product known as GrooveFunnels, the 1st phase launch is scheduled for July 2020

GrooveSell as well as being offered as a fully functional stand-alone product, it will also be part of GrooveFunnels, the all-in-one suite.


What is GrooveSell?


GrooveSell is a powerful sales and affiliate platform for digital marketers and infopreneurs to sell their products. The software at its core helps you take payments and manage customers for digital products and services.

It comes with a full-featured affiliate system too (GrooveAffiliate) which lets you amass an army of commission-only salespeople to help you promote and get paid for your products!


What do GrooveSell & GrooveAffiliate compare with?

The likes of: ThriveCart, SamCart, PayKickStart, Clickbank or JV Zoo to name a few 

What does GrooveSell enable?

This is an easy-to-use software that creates checkout pages that are designed to convert more visitors into buyers, more clicks into sales, and manage the process from beginning to end.

This is no “basic” software version either.

It allows you to do some pretty ninja tactics to increase your dollar per sale. Not only can you do the usual up-sells and down-sells in your product funnel, but you can add order bumps before purchase, and true 1-click up-sells (with and without confirmation) to your funnels. This allows you to make point of purchase impulse sales of related items, increasing your dollar per transaction of just pure profit.


GrooveSell also features a powerful set of tools that lets you set flexible pricing structures that are unheard of on other platforms.

Need to offer a free trial product? No problem! You can set any trial length or price you’d like. If you have a one time onboarding charge followed by a monthly maintenance fee.. GrooveSell can do that too. Want to offer two annual payments that recur every year at the same time? It can do that too.

You even have eight different options for recurring billing. The system will automatically charge your customers at their regular billing interval (weekly, every 2 weeks, monthly, every two months, quarterly, bi-annually, annually and every two years).


It integrates with all of the major payment processors.

Like Stripe, PayPal, and and if you don’t have a merchant account, they are releasing GroovePayments very shortly, where they will process payments for you for a very competitive percentage.


Plus, in built load balancing safeguards you…

For bigger businesses doing high volume there’s merchant account warming and load balancing built into the system, so you can avoid getting your credit card or PayPal account shut down during major promotions.


A real time saver!

You can set all of the above options to your product. No need to create separate products eg: for having different price plans / varying affiliate offers / different payment gateways. Each products’ dashboard has all this functionality. A real time saver!

What does GrooveAffiliate enable?

GrooveAffiliate is a very powerful Affiliate Management software.


It enables you to have an unlimited number of Affiliates promote your products &/or services.

You can also have an unlimited number of products &/or services.


Assign multiple commission plans

The ability to manage and assign multiple commission plans to the same funnel / product, side by side. Each of which can be tailor-made down to a specific affiliate. For instance, you meet or come across someone who has great influence. In order for them to promote your product you offer them a better commission plan that’s not available to anyone else.


Flexible payment to your affiliates

For example, you may have some well known to you affiliates who bring in a lot of business for you. You want to pay them an advance on their commission due, you can do that & the system will remember to deduct it on the next payment run.


No Fees:

  • No monthly fees.
  • No processing / transaction fees.

 Some of the other features:

  • Tracking
  • Analysing
  • Reporting

How much is GrooveSell including GrooveAffiliate?

GrooveSell normally retails for $99 per month

Right Now you can get a FREE LIFETIME Account for a limited time


With your free account you get:

• Unlimited products

• Unlimited product funnels

• Unlimited checkout loads (bandwidth)

• Unlimited affiliates

• Unlimited customers

• Unlimited support

• Unlimited payment gateways


And all of this is free. That’s right, free for life.

• No credit card required – ever

• No monthly fees

• No surprise bills

• Full feature set

• Every upgrade they ever do


How much could I save?


Let’s compare to some alternatives:

• ThriveCart {one time $495.00 payment}

• SamCart {$49.00 per month}

• PayKickStart {$99.00 per month}

• JV Zoo {5% commission on all sales, +2.5% additional for some sales}

• Clickbank {$49.95 activation fee, $1+7.5% transaction fee for each sale, and a $2.50 fee each time you want to withdraw your money!}


What’s the catch? Why is it free?



At the time of writing this (May 2020) the software is in beta.

So some features are not yet available, such as support for worldwide currency. Until then, the platform is still fully functional and useable.


The GrooveDigital owners stated that the company wanted to give back to the community in this unprecedented pandemic time, and provide real value to people… not just a flimsy ebook or lame set of templates to entice you to join their list… but REAL value in the form of a fully useable product that never requires a purchase.

And they’ve done just that

With GrooveSell & GrooveAffiliate, they are yours to keep for free, forever. All you need is your name and best email address.

Of course they do hope that one day you’ll decide to upgrade to the full suite of tools that comes with GrooveFunnels (which includes an email service, membership sites, video marketing, a helpdesk, calendar, and all the tools you need to manage and grow a robust business). But GrooveSell & GrooveAffiliate are yours to keep for free, forever – if you grab it whilst it is still free.


You will also be invited to their very active Facebook group.

A community of over 100,000 likeminded people, with varying levels of experience, sharing ideas & information.  

Being someone who likes challenges, I got into funnel building, trying to build a funnel for my Network Marketing business. I got discouraged by the high costs of so many funnel building software that I almost gave up until I found groove funnels. Wao!! This is the game-changer as it is so affordable. I can’t wait to learn enough and start building funnels for clients. It is worth every penny.

Tifuh Jane

Groove has allowed me to make my first 10K online during Corna and spend more time with my wife and four daughters!

Eric Skeldon

Is there a Bonus?

Yes! Free Lifetime access to the lite version of GroovePages

GrooveDigital have added Free Lifetime access to the lite version of GroovePages. GroovePages Lite, lets you build pages for your product / service funnels. So you can create a sales page, landing page, checkout page, and thank you page to deliver them to your buyer.

In fact you can build up to 3 own domain full websites with unlimited pages with this free GroovePages Lite!


Is there Training?


  • Weekly Live Webinars with replay which have over the shoulder training, concept ideas & more
  • Growing video library of step-by-step ‘How to’ software tutorials

Is this Cloudbased?

Yes, it is a software as a service (SaaS) platform based in the cloud.

How can I get this offer?

It's a Smart Move

Keeping business expenses as low as possible!

Click this button below 


> Scroll down to the bottom of the page & you will find the sign up form.

GrooveSell Review SignUp Form

> Enter your name, best email address & username

♥ No Credit Card Required Ever!


this offer may disappear at any time

Plus you get GroovePages Lite for Life, for Free too!



Having all of these free platforms – You could build a pretty decent business. 

  • Unlimited Products and Funnels
  • Set Your Own Flexible Pricing Structures
  • Powerful Checkout Options
  • Dynamic Thank You Pages
  • Upsells, Downsells, and Order Bumps before purchase
  • 1-Click Upsell
  • Powerful Affiliate software
  • Create Pages to promote, sell & deliver your products / services
  • Robust Integrations
  • Use your own PayPal, Stripe, Authnet, NMI, or BrainTree
  • No Monthly Fees
  • ZERO transactions fees



It’s Free for Life

It could save you thousands in overhead expenses

It is fully functional and useable


Not all extra features are available yet, just have to be patient a while longer. 



So Is This a Better Marketing Tool Option?


If this software turns out to be a dud, nothing lost except time.

On the other hand if GrooveDigital fulfills their promises then we have a valuable addition to our toolboxes.

Even if you’re not sure whether you’ll ever implement these strategies into your business, it’s well worth signing up for this free offer so you have it to hand. That’s what I did!

Even if you haven’t started your online business yet!


If you don’t want to miss out

Grab your access to the GrooveSell + GroovePages Lite Free Lifetime offer here

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Have any thoughts or questions? Feel free to ask them below and chime in any discussion.

To your abundance & dream laptop lifestyle!  ?